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The ‘Renewal’ of Transnistria
Scris de Коробов Владимир Кузьмич   
Sâmbătă, 09 Decembrie 2006 18:44

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Vladimir Korobov, Georgii Byanov. The ‘Renewal' of Transnistria.//Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics (FJCS),Vol. 22, No. 4, December 2006, pp.

517-528. ISSN 1352-3279, print/ 1743-9116 online DOI: 10.1080 / 13523270601019581

© 2006 Taylor & Francis.






The ‘Renewal' of Transnistria


Transnistria (the ‘Dnestr Moldovan Republic' or PMR) and everything that takes place there is of great importance to Russia, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States in general, and much exceeds the territorial, demographic and economic potential of the region itself. Transnistria is in effect an indicator of whether the collapse of the USSR has already ended, or whether a geopolitical repartition of its former territory is still possible. How soon will such a new partition of the world order and the map of Europe begin? Is Russia capable of an independent foreign policy, notwithstanding the countries that ‘won' the Cold War? And are Ukraine's claims to regional leadership well founded? It is unlikely that the people of Transnistria feel any better in the light of their historical role, but they cannot escape it.

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